Our Waters

Club waters

Fylde Angling Society waters are stocked with various species of fish, you will more than likely catch carp in all of them, we have common, mirror, ghost and crucian carp up to double figures.

We also have bream, roach, tench, ide, perch, rudd and a few goldfish in various degrees of sizes depending on which pond you fish.

If you are new to this fascinating sport you will find that Wichesters and Rachels ponds are the most popular with members perhaps it’s that you leave your car and nearly fall onto a peg but there you will find more than fish, you will find a social atmosphere second to none among the regular fishermen where the world is put to rights, where help is always at hand, where you will find catching fish can come second place, this you will find is a natural hub of fellow anglers relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures of our sport.

Of course some anglers prefer solitude a time to relax and concentrate ones thoughts on fish or other things, this angler would like Marshall’s two or Beech Pond.

Whatever you are looking for we are sure you will find it in one of our waters all we ask is that you enjoy yourselves and take care when fishing.