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Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Results from the trip the match lads attended.
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Covey 5-Partridge Lakes
The weather was fabulous unfortunately the mighty Covey 5 was not.
All the anglers struggled to put a weight together but with care a few were tempted to the net, it was still a good day to chat when the fishing got really hard.
1st R Shaw 46lb 5oz peg 25
2nd C Shaw 43lb 12oz peg 19
3rd M Green 42lb 2oz peg 11
4th M Butterworth 34lb 3oz peg 28
5th M Morris 32lb 8oz peg 17
Section winners
G Draycott C Wynn and J Cherry
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Spaces are still available for our next match this Sunday 20th September, we are fishing Covey 5 at the mighty Partridge Lakes.

Please get in touch if you wish to join us!
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Pond match
1st M Morris 27lb peg 32
2nd G Plumpton 20lb 11oz peg 1
3rd G Draycott 18lb 12oz peg 29
Section winners
P Smith, J Cherry, D Fallon

Fir Tree Fishery

A full house for todays match the forecast was cloudy but it turned out very hot indeed although it may have affected some pegs as catches were low but all round a terrific match

1st R Shaw 99lb 5oz peg 1
2nd T Jones 58lb 9oz peg 7
3rd N Webb 47lb 14oz peg 9
4th M Grimshaw 41lb 5oz peg 6
5th S Barefoot 38lb 3oz peg 10

Section winners
M Green, M Morris, T Watson
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Info for the lads going on this trip.
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Orcheton Fishery
A very nice day for a match even though we had a cold night and we did expect a slow day.
We did get a slow day but lovely weather a slight breeze and overcast but as the day progressed it did get warmer. The fish were cruising but not really feeding so it taxed the angler to work hard to put fish in the net.

1st J Cherry 63lb peg 19
2nd N Webb 62lb 11oz peg 13
3rd N Cox 52lb 13oz peg 1
4th C Wynn 52lb peg 27
5th M Green 40lb 6oz peg 5
Section winners, G Plumpton, M Forrest and
R Shaw.
Well done all the anglers on this difficult day