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Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Match Result - Society Ponds - 02/05/21

Wind dominated the match today but Declan Saunders made no mistakes to take that advantage to break the match record on Marshal's 1. It was also great to see 2 junior anglers on the match today, well done Will Berry on his section win and unlucky to Joe Watkins missing out on the section by 10z.

1st - Dec Saunders- 80lb 11oz - Peg 30
2nd - John Cherry - 31lb - Peg 28
3rd - Antony Watson - 18lb 7oz - Peg 24

Well done Declan and well done to the framers and section winners.
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Hudson's Farm - 25/04/21 - 21 Fished

With a full house and a slight frost this morning we knew the water would fish hard. Well done to the framers.

1st - Richard Shaw - 34lb 10oz - Peg 17
2nd - Tony Watson - 34lb - Peg 7
3rd - Alan Dimelow - 29lb 12oz - Peg 6
4th - Mark Brady - 28lb 12oz - Peg 10
5th - Tony Jones - 24lb 8oz - Peg 4
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Beech Pond update - I have assessed this water today and feel it deserves some tlc, this water will have its pegs rebuild and its inner banks cut back to give access to the margins.

I will let people know when the work will be done and help will be appreciated. We also require any scaffolding poles and knuckles if anyone has any going spare.
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Pond Match - 02/05/2021 - This match is now full. If you want to be placed onto the reserve list please let me know.

The remaining pond matches are also very close to being full so please book on to avoid disappointment.

R Shaw
J Cherry
M Morris
P Smith
G Draycott
D Fallon
M Saunders
D Day
M Donnelly
J Thompson
S Hall
G Plumpton
T Currey
A Willmoth
A Watkins
J Watkins
D Saunders
S Barefoot
W Berry
M Terry
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society is with Louis Mower.
Fir Tree - Nooky - A real hard days fishing all around with 5 DNW on the day. Well done to Louis Mower on the win and well done to the framers.

1st - Louis Mower - 40lb 2oz - Peg 8
2nd - Paul Livesey - 36lb 13oz - Peg 5
3rd - Norman Cox - 27lb 14oz - Peg 7
4th - Martin Terry - 16lb 15oz - Peg 14
5th - Steve Barefoot - 16lb 1oz - Peg 3
Fylde Angling Society
Fylde Angling Society
Water Update

The two Thistleton waters have not had there rents renewed, this is due to lack of member interest in maintaining these waters. These waters must not be fished by Society members forthwith.

Funding Update

We have received funding for Aeration equipment from the EA we will soon be in receipt of 3 new splash aerators for Rachel's and the new water to be dug soon.

Car Park Entryway

I have received an update from LCC regarding the entryway, this should be installed on 10th May 2021 the work will last 2 days. The Society waters may be closed during this period.

Commercial Match Draws

All commercial match draws will take place at the given fishery from 0815hrs-0830hrs on the day of the match.


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